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This Is A Blog Dedicated To Dope Underground Hip Hop. I'm Down To Drop A Link For Some Rare / Hard To Get Vinyl But I Don't Think I'm Gonna Be Dropping Links For Albums That Are Easy Enough To Get. Also Click On The Title Of Each Post To Go To The Artist Myspace (and if it doesn't work then they don't have one or i couldn't find one) I'll Throw In A Reminder Here And There Also Check My Myspace If You Want To Hear My Music I Produce Hip Hop www.myspace.com/vaughnmv

Best I Ever Had - Drake (Euphony Remix)

Peep My Remix

Euphony - Euphony Invented The Emix

Long Time Gone - Johnson And Johnson (Emix)

Up All Night - Johnson And Johnson (Emix)

Ante Up - M.O.P (Emix)

• Have Fun Intro
• Long Time Gone - Johnson And Johnson (Emix)
• Up All Night - Johnson And Johnson (Emix)
• Bout It Bout It - Johnson And Johnson (Emix)
• Ante Up - M.O.P (Emix)
• Anything Is Possible - Johnson And Johnson (Emix)
• Still Waitin - Tha Connection (Emix)
• Once upon A Beat - Tha Connection (Emix)
• Everybody - Tha Connection (Emix)
• In The Building - Johnson And Johnson (Emix)
• Half A Knot - Johnson And Johnson (Emix)
• 1983 - Flying Lotus (Emix)
• Have Fun Outro

Remixes Of Johnson And Johnson, Tha Connection, M.O.P, Flying Lotus

Tracks All Produced By Me (Euphony)


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Blu & Exile - Below The Heavens (2007)

The World Is

The Narrow Path

1 My World Is... (3:43)
2 The Narrow Path (5:11)
3 Simply Amazin' (Steel Blazin') (4:41)
4 Juice 'N' Dranks (3:47)
5 In Remembrance (4:06)
6 Blu Collar Worker (4:33)
7 Dancing In The Rain (4:28)
8 First Things First (3:52)
9 Greater Love (4:17)
10 Good Life (5:25)
11 Soul Rising (3:31)
12 Cold Hearted (3:14)
13 Below The Heavens Pt. I (4:29)
14 Below The Heavens Pt. II (3:51)
15 I Am... (7:23)

For sure one of my top ten albums every track delivers.

Lewis Parker - Incognito / At Large With A-Cyde 12" (2002)

Label: Melankolic
Catalog#: SADT 16
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: UK
Released: 2002
Genre: Hip Hop
Credits: Producer - Lewis Parker
Notes: All tracks written by Parker/Evans except: B2/B4 written by Parker/Adunlami. All tracks produced by Lewis Parker For The World Of Dusty Vinyl. All tracks recorded and Mixed by Lewis Parker at Happy Skies Studios. Mastered by Miles Showell at Metropolis Studios, London. Design by Ninety & Lewis P. Photography C. Hall.

A1 Incognito (LP version) (3.24)
A2 Incognito (Radio Edit) (3.24)
A3 Incognito (Instrumental) (3.24)
A4 Incognito (Accapella) (2.09)
B1 Incognito (Dirty Card Remix) (3.13)
B2 At Large With A-Cyde (LP Version) (2.59)
Featuring - A-Cyde
B3 Incognito (Dirty Card Remix Instrumental) (3.13)
B4 At Large With A-Cyde (Instrumental) (2.59)

The tracks above are "Incognito" and "Incognito (Dirty Card Remix) and the images are the promo vinyl images

Lewis Parker is one of the greatest Uk Producers out there top 5 for sure Incognito is great track

Witness - The Evermore EP

Song above is "Serendipity's Lips"

Witness - .45 Sweetheart

• Home Tonight
• Cheap Date
• Said The Sunrise
• Canvas Stays Blank
• Only Children

this dude is fresh reminds of slug in his prime (not a fan of slugs new stuff) listen to "Home Tonight" above

download free at this site http://www.recollectiverecords.com/45sweetheart

Wee Bee Foolish - Maximus 12"

Label: Head Bop Entertainment
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: US
Released: 2003
Genre: Hip Hop
Credits: Producer - DJ Bless (tracks: A1 to B2) , Xtraordinaire (tracks: B3)

A1 Maximus (Main)
Scratches - DJ Bless
A2 Maximus (Instrumental)
B1 Heav Y (Main)
Scratches - DJ Bless
B2 Heav Y (Instrumental)
B3 Promo 98 (Night Train)

Wee Bee Foolish - Puttin' In Work / What Is It 12" (2004)

Label: Head Bop Entertainment
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: US
Released: 2004
Genre: Hip Hop

A1 Puttin' In Work (Clean)
Lyrics By - Ken Boogaloo
Producer - DJ Bless
A2 Puttin' In Work (Instrumental)
B1 What Is It (Clean)
Lyrics By - Ken Boogaloo , Yesh*
Producer - Yesh*
Vocals [Additional] - Marlene*
B2 What Is It (Instrumental)

Wee Bee Foolish - Tiger Boogs / Time Will Tell 12" (1998)

Label: Head Bop Entertainment
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: US
Released: 1998
Genre: Hip Hop
Notes: All lyrics written by Ken Boogaloo and Yeshua dapoED.
Recorded and mixed at Ozone by Vassos.
Executive Producers: Ramon Almodovar and Mike Olave.

A1 Tiger Boogs (Clean Mix)
Producer - DJ Bless
A2 Tiger Boogs (Boogie Allen Mix)
Producer - DJ Bless
A3 Tiger Boogs (Instrumental)
Producer - DJ Bless
B1 Time Will Tell (Clean Mix)
Producer - Yeshua daPoED
B2 Time Will Tell (Angry Ed Mix)
Producer - Yeshua daPoED
B3 Time Will Tell (Instrumental)
Producer - Yeshua daPoED

Track above is "Tiger Boogs (Clean Mix)"